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a d d   o n

c l a s s i c

1:1. For the babes who love accentuating and elongating the beautiful lashes they were blessed with. Perfect for the babes who have full coverage lashes

full set           $140.00


fill                $70.00

f u l l   v o l u m e

For the babe who loves it all. The bold, the volume, the fluff and then some.

full set          $175.00

fill                 $100.00

h y b r i d

This set is for the babes who love the soft fluff. Aside from the 1:1 classic lash application, artistically handmade volume fans will be added for a full wispy-airy look.

full set           $155.00

     fill                  $85.00   

m e g a   v o l u m e

For the babes who love the blacked out lash look. A lighter diameter lash is used to create a mega volume 10D+ fan to create a full, dark, blacked out lash line.

full set          $190.00

fill                  $115.00

e x p r e s s   t o u c h  u p

Busy week and can’t find a time for a full fill appointment? Or maybe you have an event and need a little bit of lash love? book a 60min express touch up.

Please note: This appointment does not replace fill appointments and must be booked within 7-10 days of your full set or last fill appointment.

lash removal $20.00

(free with new set)

external fills +$20.00

(lash squad service fee + external fill fee)

15mins / $15.00

(up to 75mins max)

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